Arsterie Patio Aluminum Square Side Table

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  • This end table is made of an all-weather aluminum frame with a hand-brush finish, convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance.
  • The curved table corner design is conducive to reducing the scraping of the surrounding environment. Four adjustable footpads at the bottom enhance stability and protect the floor.
  • Each side of the table leg is composed of four small thin legs which make the table more solid and three-dimensional.
  • The overall appearance of the beige log texture design can be more easily integrated with the outdoor environment.

About This Product

What a stylish side table! Our side tables are made of an all-weather aluminum frame with a hand-brush finish making them durable enough and easy to clean. The thickened tabletop design and widened legs are good for improving overall stability and ensuring long service life. It is worth mentioning that our table leg is different from other side tables. Each leg is composed of four thin legs. This unique design makes the side table more three-dimensional. The four adjustable footpads at the bottom can hold the ground firmly and adapt to different materials on the floor. Curved table corners prevent scratching the front or other surrounding environments while ensuring the safety of the surrounding crowd. The beige log pattern design of the side table is closer to nature and full of vitality so that your leisure time is no longer monotonous!